vBTracker Pro Features

vBTracker Pro is a comprehensive project, support ticket, bug, requests etc. tracking system for vBulletin platforms. Let’s take you over its important features now.

Unlimited concurrent tracking of projects
- Definition of Active and Ordering (the Active tracker can be removed from the project directory)
- Definition of Project Title, Versions, Description and Link
- Excluded Types from the Global list
- Excluded Usergroups from the global list
- Default initial status and excluded Statuses from the Global list
- Excluded Severities from the Global list
- Style override
- Labelling of every tracker for tracking anything like assignment tasks, assignment board, support system, support tickets, bugs, bug tracker etc.

- Easy editing of the properties via Ajax by double-clicking the Properties bar
- Author and the assigned users have private attachments
- The core forum provides for subscriptions, alerts and searching
- An optional email alert is sent upon the updation of submission
- Quick links are available to accept status, subscription, and new submission
- Application of severity appearance to the main properties bar
- Provision for the disability of accepted final status optional response
- Estimated completion time system

Project browsing and directory
- Project jump
- Two possible directory layouts abled or disabled
- Finalized submissions are removed from active listing
- ETAs running total for pending and finished submissions
- Editing of Submission Active and Titles via Inline AJAX
- Severity appearances key
- Narrowing and ordering of submissions by different criteria
- Application of severity appearance to every active submission
- Meter based completion on the accepted final status submissions
- Splitting of submissions over pages
- Search submission based on users and keywords
- Familiar markers and thread icons

Overall quality
- Maintain sessions
- Includes hooks
- Unique plugin optimization
- WOL locations
- Fully phrased
- No template or file edits
- Preserves vB environment
- Uses Datastore and Bitfields
- Comprehensive admin help

Admin submission manager
- Easy management of orphan submissions that are normally invisible
- Easy deletion or editing of properties from more than one submissions
- Easy movement of submissions between, out of and in the trackers

Usergroup permissions
- Submissions admin tasks like Update, Edit etc.
- Can easily view any hidden status submissions
- Can easily respond to or view any submission
- Can easily view any trackers
- Can respond to own submissions and post new ones
- Easy definition of Assign to and Group to submissions
- Easy management of all or own responses

Project Labels
- Definition of final statuses
- Definition of public statuses
- Definition of style for severities on the Active submissions
- Label and order unlimited statuses, types and severities