vBTracker is an efficient system for easy tracking of assignments, bug reports, projects, requests, support tickets and much more. The vBTracker system fits in a seamless manner on top of the vBulletin forums and turns them into fully subscribable and searchable project management tools. There’s even a testing project version available, that enables the developers to play around with it a bit before investing into it.

There are three different licenses of vBTracker available:

The Lite license

This version isn’t complete but comprises of all important functionalities. It’s only available for use by the administrators and is perfect for their own private project tracking and progress tracking requirements.
Following are the important features of the vBTracker Lite version:

- Easy editing of properties through Ajax by double-clicking of the Properties bar
- The core forum provides for alerts, searching and subscriptions
- Quick links available to subscription, accept status and new submission
- Provision for disability of accepted final status optional response

Limitless concurrent tracking of projects
- Definition of Active and Ordering
- Definition of Project Title, Versions, Description and Link

Overall quality
- Maintain sessions
- Fully phrased
- WOL locations
- No template or file edits
- Preserves vBulletin environment
- Comprehensive admin help
- Uses Datastore and Bitfields
- Unique plugin optimization

Project browsing and directory
- Project jump
- Finalized submissions are removed from active listing
- Editing of Submission Active and Titles via Inline AJAX
- Narrowing and ordering of submissions by different criteria
- Splitting of submissions over pages
- Familiar markers and thread icons
- Meter based completion on the accepted final status submissions

Please keep in mind that the Lite version consists of only around one third of the actual features contained in the Pro version.

The Pro license

The pro version has all the functionalities of the Lite version and much more. It’s actually a full-scale system that can perform many tasks at once, including simultaneous use for private purposes by the administrators.