vBCredits is by far the most skilfully created and ultimate point system for vBulletin. It is fully integrated with vBulletin and can also be easily integrated with any of the third-party scripts. There are several hacks which enable developers to specify the point system by feeding in the column and table for points’ data. You’ll need to use TABLE: and user COLUMN: credits while integrating the vBCredits with any such hacks.

Important features

Displaying credits
- Displays by the forum, usergroup and global
- Display credits in the memberlist
- Richest user listing with the facility of excluding usergroups from the listing
- Nobody, private, everybody (usergroup permission provides visibility of all private amounts)
- Order/display by checking, savings or both
- AJAX Navbar Amount Refresh
- Can lock usergroups from the entire system

Earning credits
- The following 24 actions:
• Infraction
• Receive reputation
• Paycheck
• Referral
• Grant reputation
• Induction
• Activity
• Posting
• Post size
• Own thread posting
• Rate thread
• New thread
• Your profile viewed
• Your thread rated
• Your thread viewed
• Your thread replied
• Poll vote
• Poll creation
• Birthday
• Profile fields
• Sending PM
• Upload attachment
• Calendar event
• Profile picture
- Forum overrides
- Award recalculation upon action changes
- Decimal settings for percentages and credits
- Award negation multiplier
- Protocol for negative balances

Post award system
- Possibility of publicly displaying awards in the thread
- Disable by forum, usergroup
- Thread limits, User, Daily
- Moderate by forum, usergroup
- AJAX via Profile or Thread
- Can block negative awards
- Can spend from the Central Board account

Extensive referral system
- Maximum referral points
- Validation by reputation, posts and time
- ARB increases the amounts of other action awards
- Referee credit incentive
- Referral points are multiplied with the additive referral bonus
- Number of referrals for every referral point

- Tax on winnings
- Lottery/Raffle types
- Exclusion of usergroups
- Usergroup discounts
- Raising/Static jackpots
- Unlimited concurrent drawings
- Optional winner PHP
- Recurring drawings
- Retry period available for ineligible drawings
- Configurable date and title
- Highest/Lowest tickets that are sold for drawings
- Ticket cost per drawing
- Provision for lottery number picking
- Completely drawings have an archive time-limit
- Maximum active tickets

- Transfer of usergroups once the threshold is passed
- Automatic recurring payments
- Moderation of loans
- Minimum loan amount
- Late payment fee
- Maximum total amounts and loans
- Bad and good rating thresholds
- Accountability rating for the loan repayment
- Locking of spending ability in case below bad rating
- Minimum payment due date
- Accountability ratings for loan repayments

- Cancel/moderate donations
- Donation fee
- Support for anonymous and comments
- Fee handling protocol
- User limits based on time

Transaction log
- Specification of transaction alerts through PM
- Can be separated into pages
- Displays all the winnings, awards, donations, payments etc.
- Usergroup permission can be given for viewing all the users’ logs
- User limits based on time

Administrative utilities
- Modification of user accounts based on criteria
- Mass updation of credit
- Mass updation of usergroup
and much more….