vBCredits II Deluxe

vBCredits II Deluxe is the points hack evolution that a large majority of vBulletin owners had been eagerly waiting for. Its basic code has been completely revised to include long pending improvements and requests of its sincere users. If looked at closely, you’ll observe that vBCredits II Deluxe is actually very powerful and simple, so much so that it can be used for both serious e-commerce engines as well as casual activities.

Furthermore, vBCredits II Deluxe has been recognized as the most feature-rich and advanced points system to have ever been created. In addition, it’s one and only points system to have ever been produced by its developers (who were the original creators of vBCredits version 1-1.4).

Why is vBCredits II Deluxe considered the next-generation of the regular points hack system?

A regular points hack normally installs only a standard column to the user table. So, you get stuck with it. And if you’re lucky enough you can possibly switch it to an entirely different one.

However, in case of vBCredits II Deluxe you can install a standard currency and get the freedom of removing it, followed by quick integration of any number of third-party currencies without the need of any technical knowledge. The system has been created in a manner that it can easily work with different currencies especially in situations where they’re required to work together (but the third parties hadn’t provided any method for doing that).

A regular points hack normally installs only couple of actions and doesn’t provide any way of adding to them, modifying them or disabling them. Their method of working is also different in every instance.

On the other hand, in case of vBCredits II Deluxe, the product is developed around an action system and a modular display. Hence, the actions come in a standardized format, having standard attributes. You can break them off easily or install more of them without disturbing the main hack for any updates. Such standardization facilitates easy availability of global features without the need of any repeated coding or exposure of API for the third parties (all leading to widespread support for the product). It also implies that regardless of who created the third-party action set, the features will be supported by all the automatically-consistent settings.

A regular points hack is pretty vulnerable as it blindly adds the points to the user accounts, making it vulnerable to the possibility of abuse.

vBCredits II Deluxe on the other hand comes equipped with several powerful antifraud methods and ensures that every single transaction is recorded. These help in prevention of abuse and limit the effectiveness of any wrongdoing. It not only provides several methods of qualifying user actions, but also makes available different ways of obfuscating the system. Hence, it becomes difficult for the users to cheat the system.

A regular points hack is meant only for earning purposes

vBCredits II Deluxe provides support for both earning and charging for various actions, making the setup of a companion shop optional.

A regular points hack is full of complicated math and settings that cannot be understood by all

vBCredits II Deluxe is properly organized in a linear manner wherein all the related items are maintained in one single place. Every option is comprehensively explained and you get to see only what’s relevant for you. Even the uncommon and advanced settings don’t come in your way, unless of course you specifically express the need of using them. The system is so user friendly that it holds you by your hand and helps you understand the effects of your settings. You can even revert the changes quickly if needed.

It is normal for a regular points hack system to get bloated if you setup various options

vBCredits II Deluxe’s code has been written in a manner that it is extremely scalable, despite maintaining all of its important features. The developers were very careful about the volume of code and database in order to ensure minimum impact at all the times. Many huge boards have already used vBCredits II Deluxe for many months at a stretch and have reported no adverse changes in their performance levels.

With a regular points hack, you get the same old system after every few months

vBCredits II Deluxe is quite unlike its predecessor vBCredits I which was a regular points hack. It had been observed for three long years to understand what worked and what didn’t. The developers also paid good heed to what everyone had been wishing for the points hacks to do. As a result, vBCredits II Deluxe was written from scratch and every single user request was incorporated into the final package.

The complete feature list of vBCredits II Deluxe
The vBCredits core

Lite version

- Administrative
• Modular API available for free-of-cost third-party usage
• Intelligent forms ensure that only relevant functions are displayed
• Availability of admin permissions
• Availability of technical or uncommon features under the Advanced buttons

- Currencies
• Set display order and rounding
• Unlimited concurrent currencies
• Handling for the usergroup and negative viewing permissions
• Wizard for transferring custom or found currencies
• Wizard for importing custom or found currencies
• 20 third-party currencies have been detected so far

- Transactions
• Mass removal or moderation of editable notes
• Specification of any paginated timespan
• All events get queued up and recorded for performance
• Drill down facility based on user or action (the user view allows for direct amount change and spend/earn permissions)
• Processing of single transaction per page load with update counters function and optional cron for the smaller sites

- Users
• Get user links to the individual transaction logs
• Target any subset you need for paginated processing
• Direct modification of spend/earn permissions and amounts
• Easy alteration of mass amounts
• Easily recalculate transactions: Target any number of actions over any particular time span and prune any of the existing transactions (optionally target all the actions/time or opt for optional reversal)

- Modular displays with actionsets
• Facility of one click disable or enable
• Creation of additional combination field
• Make use of individual templates and template hooks
• Easily set currencies to be displayed

- Modular actions with actionsets
• Availability of individually applicable settings
• Support for cancellations
• Support for reversals
• Support for multipliers with the inclusion of standardized size option
• Support for categories
• Support for verification links
• Support for ownership entities
• Support for recalculations
• Support for individual forums

- Events
• Set reversal amounts, specify applicable ownership, specify the applicable forums, set multipliers and specify the minimum or maximum bounds (with stop action, exclusion of full amount and/or exclusion of multiplier amount)
• Mix the charged or earned currencies on the same action (earning gets discarded if the charging fails)
• Earn for any actions (with support for moderation)
• Best scenario for every currency is chosen for the user
• Specification of applicable usergroups
• Linking of actions with currency
• One click disabling or enabling of the global switch

- Public
• Availability of universal pop-up panel for facilitating seamless currency transfers
• Richest users for every currency type
• Availability of transaction log, same as the one in admin version

Pro version
Some additional features are available in the pro version. They are as follows:

- Events
• Earn for any particular action, with support for award skipping and award delay, and limitation of maximum awarded over any specific time span
• Set the base amount with the option of random addition
• Charge for any particular action

- Users
• Make alterations to the mass amounts based on custom formulas that are in turn dependent on various statistics

- Transactions
• Facility of overall totals with paragraphs as well as comparisons, groupable based on actions, forum and/or usergroup

- Currencies
• Easy setting of a relative values and transfer from/to permissions
• Limitation of the maximum earned over any specific time span